Sai Institutions Testimonials


Fashion technology course involves a lot of fieldwork. Sai makes it very interesting throughout. The syllabus is such gripping. I love the course so much. I like the niche a lot!


I got selected as Assistant Production Manager in Tiruppur. I wish to open a boutique in my native soon. Sai Institute – thanks a lot.


I am working in a garment manufacturing unit after completing B.Sc. Fashion technology in Sai. Not even one year I waited for a job. I got a job during my 3rd-year studies. As they promise, they really make it happen when it comes to job placement. Sai Institute is the best institute


My mother could not pay fees because she is working for daily wages. I was about to go to a job because of poverty. My friend told about Sai. I visited Sai and they told me to attend a test for free education. I got selected in the test and now studying Fashion Technology. Sai made me study. My mother is very happy. Thanks to the chief of the institution.


I am going to enroll in cruise line program this year. My friend studied here and got benefitted in his job. I will definitely join in this program.


Sai cruise line program is a certified program. It is a very useful program.


Working in the cruise line industry feels very proud and happy. It is a dignified job that nobody can say no to. The cruise line course in Sai has honed all my skills, personality, and overall presentation. It has, in fact, elevated all these in me and my approach has on the whole changed a lot.


I studied the cruise line program (specialized program) in Sai. it was a one month course. It was very useful to me. I recommended the same for my cousin also. He is going to join in the course. They teach very well. They teach about hygiene, handling passengers,  housekeeping and many other necessities of the cruise line.


I love studying here in Sai. It is not just an institute, it is a place where I groomed myself and framed my inner self during my course of study. It’s a wonderful institution.


Sai institutes are wonderful in its teaching, infrastructure, course, job opportunities and everything. Both my daughters study in Sai. Elder daughter completed Visual communications and younger daughter is studying bakery and confectionary. After looking at the infrastructure, the kindness of faculties, their way of teaching and job opportunities during the study period of my elder daughter, I decided to admit my younger one here as well. thanks to Sai Institute.


Bakery and confectionary do not feel like a course. It is more of a hobby for me! The institute and its faculties made it feel that way. Sai Institute is excellent.


Diploma in baking is a very interesting course. We can learn many nuances and knacks of the course here.


Sai Institute has superb placement opportunities to everyone. Every year, they conduct placement drives and produce 100% placement to the student.


Sai offers excellent placement opportunities. As students, we need not run anywhere at all! Sai offers excellent coaching and also placement opportunities to everyone.


I am earning Rs 45,000 per month after studying food production and hotel management in Sai institutes. I should definitely thank the institute. In spite of all the myths revolving about the catering studies, I studied in Sai, and I proved my choice right by getting placed.


I enrolled my son in food production course in Sai last year. He studied for free under the Sai free education. He took up a test and scored well in it and got selected for the free education.

Mr. Venkatesh

I am an aspiring director. I studied visual communications and now I am working as an associate director in a Tamil movie. I am soon likely to roll out my very own flick. Thanks to Sai institutes.


What’s wonderful about Sai is that they arrange n number of recruitment drives in the final year. We have plenty of job offers of which we will have to pick the best.


Visual communication course is not just for those who wish to become cinema directors. There are a lot more in the course like drawing, graphic designing, illustration, colors, animation and more. We need to choose the right college if the course should pay off. I chose Sai and I should say that the institute has given me wide exposure in the world.


Sai is a wonderful institute to study hotel management. Faculties here are expert chefs and experienced professionals who make the entire learning so interesting.


I availed their bank loan facility for studying diploma in hotel management in Sai. Belonging to a lower middle-class family, I struggled to pay fees and then got to know about the loan option. Sai management helped me get the loan and it facilitated me to study the diploma degree


The front office, marketing, maintenance, catering and we learn about every aspect of managing a hotel. We learn the basics thoroughly. They also provide Wi-Fi facility with which it becomes very easy for us to source references online.


I have a few friends who study a diploma in hotel management in many other institutes. On talking to them about the syllabus, teaching, infrastructure, and faculties, I clearly understand that Sai surpasses every other counterpart with its top-notch framework of syllabus, excellent way of teaching, and impeccable infrastructure. I personally love studying here.


Visual communication is very interesting to learn. The faculties sound so educated and they are willing to answer us and clarify our doubts with patience. Sai Institute makes it really engaging by having a lot of practical sessions


I’m now very proud to say that I am a fashion journalist. I studied B.Sc. Fashion Technology in Sai and got placed during campus placement. Sai institutes equips each one of us for an excellent job with all the knowledge about the field


I have always dreamt of a course in fashion technology. But it thought FT is only for high-class people. Sai proved me wrong and they have very less fee amount that I can pay. I admitted my daughter in Sai and she is now studying her 2nd year. I strongly believe my daughter would get an excellent job opportunity. Thanks.


Sai institutions have excellent faculties. They don’t just teach us but impart every practicality of the industry. I love the Institute for its faculties and comprehensive syllabus


Fashion technology is a wide field where all we need is creativity, creativity, and creativity! It is this creativity that I learned during the 3-year B.Sc. course in Fashion technology at Sai institutions


I work as an e-commerce manager in a fast-growing online apparel store. My degree in fashion technology has yielded this job. Thanks to Sai!


. Right from my childhood, I have always dreamed of a career in the fashion industry! It’s a quirky field and I love it! I instantly feel excited about the extravaganza of the niche! So, I took up FT in Sai Institutions and now work as Fashion Designer in a leading textile brand


Sai is to be much appreciated for the wonderful infrastructure you maintain. It feels like being in a real ship just while being inside the practical lab. Wonderful it feels. Sai, keep going


This is a short and crisp course where we can learn a lot, literally a lot about working in the cruise line sector. There are many aspects covered in this course. The faculties teach us the very basics of the cruise line industry including laundry, sanitation, hygiene, food and beverage, and lot more all of which are the necessities of the job! It is an excellent course


Sai Institute has state-of-the-art laboratories. It is on par with real on-board living. It is excellent studying here


I used to be poor in English and communicating.sai institute taught me how to communicate and be behaved while working in the dignified cruise line. Thanks to Sai.


Communication and interpersonal skills are the two main aspects that we need to be trained when it comes to a cruise line job. This 1-month course in Sai institutes is all about these.


I thoroughly recommend Sai institution to study bakery and confectionary here. They teach us the in-depth details of baking and confectionery making. More than just a course, it is a place where we can collaborate with expert chefs and learn art!


I own my very own fresh bakes outlet after learning baking in the diploma course in Sai. It gives me excellent happiness and satisfaction to stand on my own


I got placed in The French Loaf in the confectionary department after my diploma course here. I got selected in campus recruitment


Studying diploma in Bakery and Confectionary did not feel like studying at all! It was more of fun and relaxation to bake unique dishes and know the nuances of baking the perfect cakes and making confectioneries! That’s a lovely course I would recommend to all the aspiring minds.


My daughter told about Sai institution. She always loves cooking. Baking is her passion. She joined bakery diploma in Sai. After the 1-year studies, she got placed as Baker in a chocolate house in Chennai.

Mr. Sathish Kumar

Sai Institute has a spectacular infrastructure and wonderful faculties. They explain the process of food production and the nuances of the industry that we could understand everything with ease


Food production course is very easy and simple


I am now placed as Associate Supervisor in Marriot. I’m loving the job. I completed a food production (diploma) course and studied diploma in hotel management. It has fetched me this job! Thanks to Sai institutes for the excellent bunch of recruiters you arranged during campus placement


Sai has structured its own study material that is very very comprehensive and easy to follow. The syllabus goes step by step and educates us from the basics of food production


In this course, we learn the basics of food production thoroughly. It is actually a fundamental course that every aspiring chef has to take up. it educates us with the ABCs of producing food


.      I took up a diploma in food production last year and have completed the course. Sai offers it as a certified course. I completed the course and got placed Rock chain of restaurants as food production manager


Sai offers excellent courses. I am studying visual communication here. It is a very useful and interesting course where they also provide excellent job opportunities


I’ve now set up a start-up website designing firm after completing my visual communication. My sole intention is to design immaculate websites, creatives, and designs for all upcoming movies, albums, and songs. My viscom studies in Sai has fetched me the passion and drive to make this initiative. I feel on cloud nine


I took up visual communication. I thought it to be a course only for boys, but Sai proved it wrong by giving my daughter a wonderful opportunity to explore the  niche and learn a lot


Though primarily being an institute for catering, Sai also offers excellent coaching and job opportunities in visual communication and media courses as well.


Ever since my childhood, I have been passionate about visual media. I could not wait to complete my schooling with all the physics and chemistry that I hate. I eagerly joined Sai institutes Visual Communication course and I truly, truly love my studies here. It is exciting and satisfying to study my close-to-heart course here


Visual communication is a very interesting course to all those who are passionate about cinema. Yes, I am also a cinema freak. I wanted to become a movie director. As the first step, I took up a diploma in Viscom in sai institutes and now got placed in an ad agency. This is my first step in my passion journey. Sai has helped me in the same.


Sai Institute has designed its own study material. It is made very easy to follow and understand. There are several practice sessions and theory classes are very less. I love the syllabus and enjoy the ease of studying here


During the second month of my diploma studies in Sai institutes, I got placed in a part-time job. It helped me a lot in managing my personal expenses and little other needs for my education


The infrastructure at Sai is excellent! I love studying in Sai


Hotel management is often observed as a very easy job! But the diploma course I took up in Sai proved me completely wrong. There are so many aspects that one needs to learn in detail. The syllabus in Sai is very comprehensive enough to teach all of it


Sai Institute is the best place for studying any course related to catering. And I am now studying a 2nd-year Diploma in hotel management here. It is very easy and simple to understand and practice. They have excellent infrastructure that feels like being in state-of-the-art start hotels


My dad being a hotelier, I got inspired by him to become the same too! I decided to take up hotel management studies and ended up with Sai Institutes upon hearing a lot of good reviews and recommendations for the institution. I’m now done with my diploma and looking for higher studies in the same institute. The education is such interesting and gripping here


I Studied Diploma in Hotel Management at Sai Institute. During my study I was selected in Itc Grand Chola 5 Star deluxe hotel through campus interview. I thank whole heartedly my sai institute for giving this opportunity


I am studying B.Sc 2nd Year in Sai Institution. While studying in Sai, students are given opportunity to do IET in Malaysia. I thank sai for this great opportunity


I am studying Diploma in Sai. Sai has given me a chance to go to Malaysia to take the practice. I would like to thank Sai for giving this opportunity


I am studying B.Sc Hotel Management in Sai. I earn a lot of Money through part-time work. Classes with practical training,personality development class, free Hindi, English, French . Thanks to Sai that made me special with such special features

Ms. Susmitha

I studied 2 Years Diploma Course in Sai Institute among unemployment and not able to fulfill the dreams, if on studies in the hospitality field one can earn plenty. Even one can earn while Learning. I thank sai institutions for guiding me to achieve my ambition

Mr. Anand

I studied Diploma in Hotel Management at sai institute. I thank the Sai Institute for giving opportunity to get practical exposure through IET in my Final year

Mr. Balaji

I am studying B.Sc Hotel Management in Sai. Now I am earning plenty through part time job. All the classes are taken practically not only that personality Development, Free Hindi, English, French classes and also how to face interviews are trained. I thank Sai for making an eligible person through these classes.

Ms. Sujithra

Ms. Sujithra

I am studying B.Sc 2nd Year in Sai. I got part time job during my studies. I got experience through IET and offer the completion. I got job in a leading 5 star hotel. I am satisfied and I thank sai.

Mr. Bharath

Mr. Bharath

I am studying Diploma 2nd year in Sai Institute. My ambition of working in Housekeeping was fulfilled by Sai through the IET. I thank my institute for this opportunity

Mr. Prathuish

Mr. Prathuish

i am studying Diploma in Sai .Today hospitality industry has plenty of job opportunities. When I wanted to join hospitality field, I heard that sai institute is the best institute. So I joined Sai institute. i got part time job so I am earning while Learning.

Mr. Raghuvamsi

Mr. Raghuvamsi

I am studying B.Sc 3rd Year in Sai. Sai helps all the students without any discrimination to reach the heights. Sai trains the students to work with high salaries.

Ms. Divya

Ms. Divya

I am studying B.Sc in Sai. Being an Average student in School,I was afraid how to study degree. Sai made me a degree holder and gave opportunity to work with Lump sum salary. I thank sai whole heartedly

Mr. Uma Vignesh

Mr. Uma Vignesh