Our Infrastructure

Smart Class Room

We provide our students with well-aerated, spacious classrooms, because we believe their focus is directly linked to how comfortable they are. The classrooms are equipped with LCD screens and video modules to aid the curriculum in a better way.

Culinary Lab

Our culinary lab facility can be matched only by the kitchens of Star hotels, because that is where we aspire our students to be. With all the latest tools and facilities, ours is easily one of the best hands-on experience students can get while training.

Bakery Lab

We have the top-notch facility to train our students for all types of baking techniques. It is a diverse stream and the hands-on experience becomes critical to the students. We ensure this is taken care of, making them equipped for the top jobs.

Computer Lab

We have hi-tech computer lab with industry best configured systems, which leads students to practice with many live applications.


Our library contains many industry books wrote by experts including science and practical guides.

Carving Lab

Carving is a niche art and there is no better place to learn it than the one headed by a carving expert. For everyone who aspires to master this art, the lab facility is the most updated, spearheaded by our CEO.

House Keeping Lab

We have set an elaborate lab for the curriculum of Housekeeping services. It matches the actual environment of the premium hotels, so that our students get to know the real aspects of the job. This ensures they are familiar and ready for the top jobs when recruitment happen.

Bartending Lab

Smart, quick and classy – that is the description of a perfect bartender. And we take pride in developing them through our top-notch Bartending lab facility that encompasses every aspect of the job.

F & B Service Lab

For a highly sensitive job like Food and Beverages Servicing, it becomes crucial that the students get a real-time experience while training. For this, we have set up a lab that simulates the star hotels, giving the students a chance to excel in the job.

Hostel Facility

Sai provides separate Hostel Facilities for boys and girls with neat accommodation and health food.

Front Office

Our students get expert training on the etiquette and communicative skills that is part of the Front Office curriculum. This real-time learning helps them master the job of handling the customers of top hotels and resorts.

Fashion Lab

Visual Communication