Our mission is to make a constructive difference in the world through the right way of education and creating able professionals.

Why Sai Institution?

  • No fee option
  • University Certification
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Self-designed study material
  • On Job Training at Corporate
  • Part time Jobs at 30 days
  • Modern Kitchen
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Co-education
  • International Accreditation Organization Approved
  • Lifetime Placement
  • Hi-Tech Lab facility
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Hostel Facility for outstation students
  • Free Vegetable, Ice, Butter, Sculpture Classes
  • Highly Qualified Faculties
  • Bank Loan EMI Facility

India’s Renowned & Reputed Institute of Hotel Management Invites FRANCHISE PARTNERS!

Founded by Dr. Chef Vinothkumar in Chennai.

SAIIHM is one of the very few hotel management Institutes in India being managed by Chef.

Hospitality Industry In India Offering Great Growth Prospects. As per estimates, the total employment in the hospitality industry is likely to rise to76 Lakh by 2022. In this, 24 Lakh employees would be required in food units. A major part of this demand for manpower comes from the Western region where there are more number of restaurants and accommodation units, In fact, there is already a shortfall of almost 62,000 hotel management graduates in this sector and the number will reach 110,000 by 2021-22.

Seeing the rising number of global tourists and realizing India’s potential, many companies are investing in the tourism and hospitality sectors in India. All this is a positive indication for upcoming hospitality professionals and the institutions that are engaged in offering degree and diploma courses in hospitality management in India. And so, leaders from hospitality industry or investors willing to partner with culinary academies or hotel management institutes are surely going to benefit not only in present times but also in future. Realizing the immense growth potential and industry demand, Chennai-based SAI Institute is all set to expand their presence across India through franchising.

Moving Ahead Expanding Presence through Franchising

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Chef Vinoth Kumar, SAI Institute management is working towards achieving their objective of producing outstanding hospitality professionals. To fulfil the rising demand for highly skilled hospitality professional, the management has decided to expand franchisees across India.

Ideal Franchise Profile
  1. Senior professionals from the hospitality industry.
  2. Existing businessmen in symbiotic businesses like a resort or a hotel.
  3. Educational institute owners with an underutilized or partially utilized facility.
  4. Individuals with investment capacity looking for exciting business concepts.
Extensive Franchiser Support

SAI Institute will provide a high level support, advice and guidance covering aspects of setting up and running the franchised institute.

Set up: The franchisor will assist franchisees In finding a suitable location, layout& architecture of the institute, besides assisting in procuring furnitures and other fit-outs through trusted vendors.

Training: The franchisor will conduct training programs for Franchisees covering operations , administration, Account management and marketing. Regular training Program would be conducted from time to time.

Courseware: The franchisor will provide courseware and other , Materials required by students for certificate//diploma courses.

Promotions: The franchisor will assist franchisees in organizing local promotional Activities and events. Printed materials like brochures and pamphlets, flex banners etc. Shall be provided on cost basis.

Advertisement: Local advertisements would be done by the franchisee While regional/national level advertisement /promotions shall be carried out by the franchisor.

Contact Details: Dr. Chef Vinothkumar – 9841089868

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Founded by Dr. Chef Vinothkumar in Chennai.

SAI INSTITUTE OF CARVING is one of the very few hotel management Institutes in India being managed by Chef

FOOD CARVING – An Ancient art, now a part of the multi crore Hospitality Industry

The ancient art of carving fruits and vegetables originated in Thailand. Fruit and Vegetable carving makes food more attractive, more appetizing, and easier to eat. Food carving is today an integral part of the multi-crore Hospitality Industry. The centre of attraction in thousands of high profile corporate events, lavish marriage celebrations and buffet spreads at posh restaurants & hotels, food carving is profitable business.

Professional food carvers are in great demand not only in India but also other countries around the world. Catering professionals adept at this culinary skill are preferred over others and also get more lucrative and prestigious career opportunities internationally.

SAI Institute of Carving – Pioneers in Food Carving Training

SAI Institute of Carving is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Institute and is the first and only one of its kind in India. The Institute is at the forefront of imparting training in carving and sculpture on vegetables and other materials suited to the hospitality industry. Students are professionally trained in Fruit Carving, Vegetable Carving, Thermo Cole Carving, Ice Sculpture, Butter Sculpture and Chocolate Carving.Comprehensive and well planned Curriculum accepted and approved by the hotel and catering Industry have been the hallmark of our high quality Carving Courses.

Carve out a Profitable Business with SAI Institute of Carving – JOIN OUR FRANCHISE NETWORK

SAI Institute of Carving Invites Enterprising Individuals and Entrepreneurs to start their very own professionals carving institute and profit from the growing demand for trained carving professionals. Husband and wife teams, housewives looking to supplement their household income, fresh graduates and working professionals looking to invest in a lucrative education and training franchise are welcome. Experience and qualifications pertaining to the catering profession will help but it is not must.

Eight Great Reasons town a SAI Institute of Carving Franchisee

  • Pioneering Concept:The first and only one of its kind in India.
  • Successful, Proven and profitable Business Model operational for last 13 years.
  • Ready market for professional food carving training services due to high demand for food carvers
  • Association with ISO 9001:2015 certified organization
  • High growth Franchise category of education and training
  • Simple procedures, formalities and paperwork to start the franchisee.
  • Assured , high quick return on Investment (ROI)
  • Two revenue earning streams – One from training students to other from undertaking carving orders.

Contact Details: Dr. Chef Vinothkumar – 9841089868

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