Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

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Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

Diploma in bakery and Confectionery is a 1-year diploma study. Those who have completed the equivalent examination or 10 + 2 exam can be undertaken. Study includes internship, theoretical and practical study. It is a great pleasure to bake delicious cakes and pastries.

This training class was created to provide candidates who wish to enter the bakery field. Through this program, students are getting better training and knowledge in the field, giving students a strong foundation for future.

SAI INSTITUTIONS has trained more students in this art of great reputation. Our students have dreamed of becoming a master in the bakery section and our teams are ready to fulfill their future. If you want to become a professional baker, this curriculum will be very helpful to you.

The bakery and confectionery industry has national and international opportunities in the world. Depending on whether the student is fresher or experience, the candidates earn between 1 and 6 lakh annually.

Diploma in bakery and confectionery industry offers students the opportunity to provide knowledge about professional skills. Using different variants in the field, students get a deep understanding of the subject, and extend their knowledge of the bakery and confectionery industry.

Topics include bakery / candy preparation, processed, selection, organization, activities, and materials, packaging / heating, refrigeration, freezing, cooling and the basic knowledge of the components used.

Student develops the ability to know the cooked food quality, understanding the mistakes and using the necessary steps to correct them.

All it needs is a bit of skill and training. Baking is an art. It does not require much infrastructure; it can easily earn a small unit at home.

After this study, students can be:

Development of the ability of various packing practices;

Know Different kinds of ingredients used in baking;

Know the necessary equipment;

Start a small bakery unit at home.



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